Pokémon Fanfiction

(tales of epic quests and nostalgia)

"I have a memory that continues to haunt me – just one." - Ghetsis Harmonia

I Make My Own Canon™, so expect certain differences in character depiction and plot progression compared to the official storylines (it's a fanfic, after all).

Needless to say, these are all unofficial, fan-made works. No endorsement by Game Freak, Nintendo, Pokémon, or Creatures Inc. is implied. Not for commercial distribution.

Team Plasma

Team Plasma



When Ghetsis' wife and child die tragically and the culprits go unpunished, he vows revenge against what he views as an injust society. What follows is an epic longfic of deceit, love, and redemption as the Unova region spirals into war.

Based on the story of Pokémon Black & White and Pokémon Black2 & White2.

100k+ wordcount. Fandom-blind friendly!

SHIPS: N/Hilda (ferriswheelshipping), Colress/Rosa (moonringshipping)


The Sovereign of Galar

The Sovereign
of Galar



When the most influential man in the Galar region, Linford Rose, and his secretary-turned-lover, Oleana Thornsdale, discover their multimillion corporation is on the verge of bankruptcy, Mr. Rose determines to recoup his losses - even if it means unleashing a widespread cataclysm. However, influence breeds many enemies...

Based on the story of Pokémon Sword & Shield.

30k+ wordcount. Fandom-blind friendly!

SHIPS: Rose/Oleana (deadlyroseshipping), Hop/Marnie (doublesweetrivalshipping)

More Poké Fics

Technically all my Poké-fics are a series, but you can read any one of them as a standalone story.

Sapphire Seas (wip)

Whumpuary 2024 completionist entry. Based on the story of Pokémon Sapphire. Wordcount TBA. Fandom-blind friendly!

SHIPS: Looker/Anabel (fallershipping).

Read the first chapters on AO3. Updates infrequently depending on plot bunnies.

Whumpuary completionist badge

Team Rocket (wip)

My completionist story for Whumptober 2023! The whumpy scenes are all done, but the full fic is still a WIP; I'm finishing up the final draft before publishing on Wattpad and AO3. Work title formerly 'Amore e Verità'.

Based on the story of Pokémon Yellow. Wordcount TBA. Fandom-blind friendly!

SHIPS: James/Jessie (rocketshipping), Giovanni/Delia (diamondshipping).

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